Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking

In the covers of the chapters of the manga, Oda includes alternative mini histories to the one of the Straw Hat pirates that tells us what has been of some of the secondary characters. To date, these are all the mini histories that have been told.

The Buggy crew's adventure

Chapters: 035-075

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being sent flying by Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, Buggy lands in a desert island where he is attacked by all type of animals. In his fled Buggy reaches the island in which Gaimon lives, where he begins to fight against him. Nevertheless, finally they become friends and they enjoyed a banquet next to the animals of the island.

Later, he constructs a raft whereas Gaimon and its animals shout good bye to him. Buggy does not manage to arrive far because a crab destroys his raft and tries to kill him. Luckily it receives an unexpected aid, Alvida! In this occasion with an attractive appearance! It proposes him to unite forces to defeat Luffy who now is wanted. Buggy accepts the proposal, but before it would have to meet with his crew. At that moment Mohji and Cabaji were fighting to obtain the captain position behead of the crew. Richie was sleeping and in one of its dreams it dreamed about becoming the captain. When he woke up Richie strikes to Mohji and Cabaji leaving them KO and becoming the new captain. In the little short while a group of dangerous cannibals assaults the pirates of Buggy and they capture them. Buggy and Alvida disembark in the island and defeat the cannibal tribe. Buggy finally recovers all the pieces of his body and the crew, his new objective is: Straw Hat Luffy!

The diary of KobyMeppo's harsh Struggle

Chapters: 083-119

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
Once Luffy, Zoro and Nami left Shellstown, Koby was accepted in the Marines and Helmeppo was degraded to Zatsuyou (Odd Jobs). Both make the rudimentary works of the Marines, like cleaning grounds or making the tap. While Koby demonstrated lot of persistence in it, Helmeppo only complain about it.

One day both where assigned to the ship that would escort Morgan to be jailed to the delay of his execution. The interchange would be made with the Marine Vice Admiral Garp’s ship. Taking advantage of the situation Morgan attacked Garp and takes to Helmeppo as hostage, escaping in a raft. The Marines arranged to sink them using a cannon but Koby interposed in the way to prevent that they shot, since now Helmeppo is his friend. The skilled swordsman bodyguard of Garp retained Koby but it was already too late to shoot. On the other hand Helmeppo throw in his father’s face all his crimes which cost him being thrown to the sea. Both excuses to Garp, witch affecting by their value, decided to train them to make two strong men of them.

Both were transferred to the Marine Headquarters in Grand Line, where they receive their daily training.

Jango's dance paradise

Chapters: 126-172

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After the end of the fight between the Straw Hat pirates and the Kuroneko pirates, Jango awakes stunned, by the blows that they gave him, in the middle of the forest.

For his surprise the rest of crew already had left the town of Syrup, reason why now he was alone and without possible escape. He went to one of the taverns of the town to eat something, but for his surprise it was the tavern of the father of Ninjin and Tamanegi was there and surprise him. Tamanegi warned the rest of the Usopp pirates and persecuted Jango to the coast, where he found out a boat with which he could escape from the island. Since that day, the Usopp pirates became the escort of Kaya to avoid that other pirates hidden in the town attacked her.

Jango made to arrive to another island, but for his misfortune it was filled with Marines that walked looking for him and there where wanted posters everywhere. Taking advantage of a local dance festival, Jango disguises himself and attempt to spend the time without calling the attention. He made to get to the last mach of the festival as same as Fullbody, where both competed among them, but as they were so good they decided to give the prize to them both. After that Jango finds out that Fullbody is a member of the Marines and who was after him, reason why he tries to escape, but at that time Fullbody was surrounded in a fight with the Tulip Pirates and Jango decides to help him. Between both, they manage to overcome the pirates, but Jango finally is arrested.

During the judgment, Fullbody started a dance to distract the judge and thanks to it he made that all the room joins the dance and they forget about Jango for a moment. Jango leaves exculpated, but Fullbody by its disrespect is degraded. Jango and Fullbody tries to say a goodbye as they know that they cannot continue being friends, the decide to hypnotize themselves to forget about their friendship... but at that moment they find out that Fullbody is under the orders of the beautiful captain Hina, then Jango decides join the Marines, since now they have a reason to be together, to compete stoling the heart of their captain!

Hatchan's ocean floor stroll

Chapters: 182-228

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
The mini history of Hatchan begins with him jumping from a marines ship that escorted the Arlong pirates to prison. Once at the bottom of the sea Hatchi decides to return to the Gyojin Island, his home.

On the way he found a panda shark which he helped to escape from a hook. The shark compensates him giving him some meat, but as Hatchan doesn't like the meat he decides to give it to a hungry shipwrecked from a desert island. The shipwrecked as gratefulness compensates him with a precious ring. After this he gets to a wedding of some fish where there have lost the alliance, again Hatchan helps giving them his ring and this time they compensate him with a trident. After this he mete a marine wild boar that is being persecuted by a monster, Hatchan uses the trident to defend the wild boar. Them, something strange happened, the wild boar es pukes from his mouth to a beautiful ningyo called Camie. After this the Macro gyojin pirates make appearance with the propose to interchange Camie with a map to the best Takoyaki. But it turns out to be a deceit since he only found a giant squid, Hatchan decides to go to the Macro's HQ and rescue Camie.

Using the treasures of Macro, the giant squid and the rest from a sunk boat, Hatchi decides to raise his own Takoyaki shop with the help of Camie and those which he has help.

Wapol's snack banzai

Chapters: 236-262

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
Wapol starts out by going around using his Baku Baku Shoku. He turns into a tree, a lamp and a bench. Then he decides to go and eat an entire town. The villagers call for help and the Marines immediately arrest him. Wapol manages to escape their clutches but then also realizes that he is no longer a king.

In order to cope with this, he starts to go under a bridge, he eats some of the junk that he found and using his Baku Baku power makes them into toys... toys which can move on their own!

Later he sees children playing with his toys so he gets the idea to make and sell the toys to the kids. He starts off at the extravagant price of 1,000,000 berries. Then it drops to 100,000, then 10,000, then 1,000, then 100, then finally 50 berries. The kids start to buy his toys and Wapol is finally able to make enough money to put up a stand and open up his own shop.

In a short time, Wapol's toys become extremely popular. One of the kids shows these toys to a scientist who discovers that the toys are made of a unique material "Wapolmetal". Wapol becomes even richer and gets himself an even bigger toyshop. Later he is able to create the Baku Baku Factory.

Later he even forms his own toy corporation, the Wapol Konzern. Wapol becomes so big, he even marries the beauty queen Miss Universe! Then at last, he manages to attain his kingly statys as one of the biggest, richest, toymakers in the world! Even better than being King of the Drum Kingdom.

As for the Drum Kingom, it is no more. It is now the Sakura Kingdom which is under the noble rule of Dalton.

Ace's hunt for Kurohige

Chapters: 272-305

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
Ace was asking people about Kurohige. He almost gets killed when he beats up Dr. Blackbeard by mistake, the provincials threw him ro the river.

His life is saved by a milkmaid named Moda. In exchange for saving his life, Moda asks him to deliver a letter to the Marine Base G-2 (which turns out to be an advertisement). After infiltrating the base by dressing up as a marine, a marine meeting was taken, where the coffee is horrible. Just then, a marine ship arrives but catches on fire. Ace jumps in to save the marines and the infomation it held. He gets busted when the marines find he was Ace and runs, but also delivers the Moda's letter.

The letter was asking them if they wanted some milk from her. After doing this, Ace manages to get some dirt on the REAL Kurohige while the Marines decide to go grocery shopping for milk. Then we understand Moda's real reason for giving Ace the letter. The lunchlady in G2 is Moda's mother, and one of the cooks is her father, with the Marines out shopping, they finally get a chance to visit their daughter again and Moda is happy. The Marines are also happy because Moda's quality milk makes their coffee much better tasting. Portgas D. Ace, however, is not done yet. He still has a ways to go in his search for Kurohige. For the sake of piracy...

Gedatsu's accidental Blue Sea life

Chapters: 314-348

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
The mini story begins with a winged falling from the sky and landing into an island full of holes. A mysterious man helps Gedatsu, the star of this mini story, out of his hole and invites him to his house giving him eaten and shelter.

Gedatsu begins to help the man dig holes to find a hot spring, because the man's dream is to run a hot spring bath. After digging and digging, the two finally meet the Legendary Tsuchibanchou. Who helps them with the excavation making a tunnel that arrives at Arabasta.

In Arabasta they meet Toto and Kohza who helps them to finalize their bath. As first visitors of his just released business they receive the visit of Princess Vivi of Arabasta which gives a push to the business attracting the visitors to the island.

Miss Golden Week's operation: Meet Baroque

Chapters: 359-413

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
The history is located in Little Garden, where Miss Golden Week, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine have remade their life after the dissolution of Baroque Works, now they live all together in the wax house of Mr. 3.

One day, Miss Golden Week bought the newspaper and at opening it she found a surprise, the others of the band has been jailed. Miss Golden Week decides to make the suitcases and go to their rescue, while Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine tried to convince her that it was crazy. Using his Colors Trap, she made that pterodactyl of the island to take them, they left the island while we saw how Dorry and Broggy had begun again with their no-end duel.

But for their misfortune they meet a storm in the way, the rain erased the painting of the pterodactyl causing that he get upset and threw them all. They fell in an already well-known island by Miss Golden Week, Kyuuka Island, the paradise where people go to enjoy their vacations. But for their misfortune that island was full of Marines, the squad of captain Hina, with old friends as Jango and Fullbody.

The posters of all of them were in everywhere in the island, they also could see one of Bon Kure, who has managed to escape from the jail and another one of Mr. 3, who seems to be in the island. In order to pass unnoticed they decide to sell their clothes and change their image, but that will not be enough, looks like that the Unluckies have sold them to captain Hina in exchange for a good food, reason why she denotes their presence. A struggle against the Marines begins where Miss Valentine got caught. The Marines announced that if Miss Golden Week, Mr. 5 and Mr. 3 do not turns themselves before the dusk would execute to Miss Valentine.

The action moves to another place of the island where Mr. 3 tries to escape in a boat, but a strange silhouette requests to him to stops, it's Bon-chan! Who has comes to remember some wise words "one cannot escape from the human path". While Miss Golden Week and Mr. 5 observed from the distance as they retained to Miss Valentine, appears Mr. 3 tied to a car and with one note that said "I turns myself". But it turns to be no other that Bon Kure as Mr. 3, who defeats Jango and Fullbody, while the rest rescues Miss Valentine. Bon Kure would remain in the back to fight again against Hina, time for a rematch.

Using her Colors Trap, Miss Golden Week manages to control great part of the Marines and make to take them to prison pretending to be captured. One in the jail, the releases first the girls and them the boys, but for some reason Crocodile and Mr. 1 refuses to be rescued and decides to remain in prison.

The rest of Baroque Works manages to escape, Miss Golden Week used again her powers, this time using a new technique that would make reality their dreams, Miss Golden Week would be transformed into an artist, Miss Merry Christmas in a princess, Miss Double Finger in the waiter Paula, Miss Valentine in Chocolatier, Mr. 5 in fireman, Mr. 4 in a Pizzas deliveryman and Lasso in a tank. But by some reason the effect also arrives to Crocodile and Mr. 1, turning them into Pirate King and superhero respectively. Now that all have fulfilled their dreams they take control of an abandoned building where Paula with the help of everyone will raised the "New Spiders Cafe".

In prison, we see how Mr. 3 and Bon Kure are jailed with Crocodile and Mr. 1, all of them will be transferred to the great prison of the government: IMPEL DOWN.

Enel's epic space conquest

Chapters: 424-474

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
The story begins showing us the actual situation of some of the inhabitants of Skypiea. The girls (Conis, Aisa and Nola) have left to give a stroll in the Verse, while Wiper leading Shandia has demanded the forest for his town and are building their new town. The leaders of both sides, Gan Fall and the chief, enjoy this peace time in their new plantation of pumpkins.

Aside from all this, the arc Maxim finally arrives at the Moon, Enel finally has managed to reach the Fairy Verse! But there is something suspicious, Enel discovers a life sign that the guided him to somo mooncraters. Inside, he meet a small soldier, the first lieutenant Spacey.

This soldier had deserted from the battlefield leaving his comrades, but after meeting with Enel he recovers his valor and returned to the surface. Although it was too late, his friends had fallen. A shadow approached towards Enel and the first lieutenant Spacey, it was a Space Pirate, the enemies who were fighting these creatures. Spacey is defeated by the Space Pirate, but for his misfortune he comments the imprudence of also attacking Enel, falling thundered against him. Then, he listened an explosion at the distant, the Space Pirates were making an excavation of some Moon ruins. "My Verse!!", Enel couldn't allow them to drestroy his promised land.

Meanwhile, tended in the battlefield, the first lieutenant Spacey begins to remember the reasons why he came to the Moon. He was created in Karakuri Island by doctor Tsukimi, a man whom liked to observe the Moon. But one day, the doctor died socked when he observed an explosion in the Moon while he was eating. and the robit he created left to the Moon using some balloons searching for revenge, but they were easily defeated by the Space Pirates.

Enel ends up defeating the Space Pirates. Inside the excavation he finds the some ruins o fan old metropolis. They are the ruins of the ancestors of the winged people of Skypiea, who for some reason left the Moon. In addition, it seems that this people had some type of relation with Spacey and his friends. When Enel releases his power on the city, he wakes up a legion of robots identical to Spacey that were resting therer. Enel's army has returned!

CP9's mision independent report

Chapters: 491-528

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
The story begins by showing scenes of what has happened in Water Seven, following a visit by Straw Hats and the incident in Enies Lobby. We note that the old Kokoro, Chimney, Gombe and Yokozuna have returned to the station, and also Yokozuna has decided to stop struggling with the Puffing Tom. In another scene, we see that Iceberg, losing Califa, has been looking for a secretary. In another, we see the difficulties faced by Pauly with its creditors and its many fans. And finally, Karsee Oimo and have decided to return on a raft to his homeland: Elbaf.

Aside from all this, what has happened with the shipwright who worked with Iceberg? What happened to that elite group of murderers who obeyed the orders of the World Government? In the first act, you can see a completely devastated Enies Lobby by the Buster Call.

Blueno, using his technique "Air Doa" has brought to all defeated CP9 in Enies Lobby. All are injured, especially Rucchi, who after his fight with Luffy, has been totally unconscious. After thinking a bit, and seeing that there were some government officials and Marines looking for the CP9 (because someone labeled them as "traitor" by leaving the Straw Hats destroy Enies Lobby), Blueno and Jabra decide to go to Saint Popura in search of a hospital. Guided by Kaku (on Jabra's backs), the group goes through the path of Puffing Tom, heading for the island.

Arriving at Saint Popura, they immediately go to a hospital, but find that your insurance is expired, so that should make some effort to raise money as soon as possible to save Rucchi. Kumadori take the initiative and decided to give a performance of kabuki. Following the initiative, and Jabra Blueno made a show jumping a burning ring called "the animal show". Fukurou has developed a new strategy, and using the powers of Kaku's Ushi Ushi Kaku has created a ladder rung "ladder of the giraffe" which is very attractive to children. Califa, decides to do social work, and seeing some cleaning of roofs, decides to help them with the power of the Awa Awa no Mi.

With the money gained Rucchi is finally admitted into the hospital, while the others are treated from their wounds. While Rucchi is still recovering, Califa and Kumadori go out to do some shopping, among which are new clothes, food and cigarettes. All this, while Fukurou, Jabra, Kaku and Blueno are in a restaurant Blueno anecdotes and jokes about reading the news.

Apart from this, Hatori visits Rucchi room, who has finally recovered. Soon, doctors give medical discharge, and to celebrate, they decide to go bowling. However, Blueno begins to see that people are beginning to be terrified, because the visit of pirates, the visit of the Candy Pirates, who have come to Saint Popura to terrorize people.

Rucchi, recovered from his wounds, decides to stand up to Captain Candy, while the rest of CP9 are preparing for battle "in the name of justice". They manage to defeat them, however Rucchi, resentful of his previous defeat, begins to torture Candy, causing the people of Saint Popura to panic and turn on an alarm, they have realized that the CP9 are wanted people.

Before leaving, a girl approaches to Califa and give her a rose, in thanks for saving them from Candy Pirates. Using Candy Pirates ship, the CP9 flees the scene to a place they call "home". Here, they are training a new generation of murderers. Knowing their location, the Marines (led by Captain Very Good) have come to catch them. All CP9, in their animal forms, eventually defeating them. One Marine was communicating through a Den Den Mushi, with those who where pursuing them: Spandam (multiple injuries), who guilt them for having destroyed Enies Lobby, and let the Straw Hat rescued Nico Robin. Rucchi advised him that after this nonsense (pursuing them), he promises to avenge him. Spandam discusses this situation with Spandine and determine them as wanted persons.

Finally, Rucchi and the CP9 leave on the Marines battleship, but not before leaving the califa rose planted along with the Captain Very Good's parts.

Sanji resisting in Kamabakka

Chapters: 543-544

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Sanji would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until he landed on a Grand Line island, where everything appears to be pink. This island is known as "Momoiro Island". In this story, we see Sanji fleeing from all the residents of the city, since them all are Okamas! Furthermore, all of them are extremely strong! The place where Sanji landed is actually the Kamabakka Kingdom. As he running, he wondered if Nami and Robin are ok, since for him, that place is the hell!

Sanji is constantly fled. But this will not be for long. The Okamas manage to capture him. Sanji has become now an Okama!

Robin's terrible people

Chapters: 545-546

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Robin would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until she landed on somewhere in the East Blue: This place was like a prison, where they had people enslaved, working on a giant bridge to unite several countries. This place is called "Tequila Wolf". Robin is captured in the director of this place begins to explain her what they do there. After that, Robin would be sent to work with the other workers on the bridge.

After seeing how horrible they are with the people here, Robin decides to escape. For this, Robin cleverly evaded the guards and stoles the kairoseki handcuffs keys to free herself. Meanwhile, a conflict occurs: the Revolutionary Army came to attack this place and decide to rescue all the workers!They finally manage to rescue Robin, her joining the escape convoy.

This week Franky is no good

Chapters: 548-549

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Franky would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until he landed on an place in the Grand Line called "Baldimor Island". Badly wounded, Franky begins to explore the place and discover that there are a rare species of wild animals that fire lightning and cannonballs as if they were robots! Continuing with his quest, Franky finds some people who want to give him some warm clothes, and starts his typical dance. After that, Franky would realize that he is in Karakuri Kingdom, a place of advanced technology.

After exploring the place, Franky would find that all the beasts and animals of the place have become robots and are very dangerous. In his flight, Franky comes to a strange place: looks like a large laboratory, which at its entrance reads "Vegapunk". However, the place looks deserted, since it has several timbers protecting the door.

Usopp's if you leave me alone I'm dead disease

Chapters: 550-551

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma,Usopp would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until he landed at Bowin Archipelago, in the Grand Line. Just after arriving, Usopp would have problems, he will start to flee from gigantic insects, carnivorous plants and other foreign threats. Luckily, Usopp meets a person called Heracles, who will help him to escape. Heracles begins to show the place to Usopp and the behavior of the plants and insects there.

Seeing that he was weak and exhausted, Heracles decides to take him to a place where the plants have the form of food and are entirely edible, and with this, feeding a hungry Usopp. However, Usopp exceeded, and eats so much that he become obese.

Chopper's I'm not food, you assholes

Chapters: 552-554

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Chopper would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until he landed on a place in the Blue South, an island called Eerie. Chopper is being attacked by giant birds! Chopper manages to escape, and realizes that he's on the top of a giant tree. In his way down, he meet some cannibals looking people who take Chopper's weakened body, and decide to make him his next dinner.

Chopper manages to break free of the cannibals, who try to capture him at all costs, since they have nothing for eating that night. Chopper manages to evade them, then, he witness a strange battle between the cannibals and the giant birds. Chopper discovers that the inhabitants of the island are in constant war with the birds.

Nami's weather report

Chapters: 555-556

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Nami would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until she landed on an unknown island where a peculiar old man called Haredas would pick her at the spot where she fell from the sky. After being scared to wake up at an unknown location, Nami hit Haread several times for trying to harass her with odd questions. Meanwhile, while Haread ignores Nami's hits, he would try to teach her a curious discovery: some strings that are capable of throwing a strong wind if their knots are untied. After learned a bit, Nami would realize that this is an Sky Island! And that place is called Weatheria Island, where there are climate scientists.

Haredas decides to help Nami to return to Sabaody Archiélago. For this, the two get down into a kind of ship to an island that is extremely dry. Haredas offers to help this people to by returning the rain, only if Nami is willing to help. Both use both the Nami's Clima Tact and the strings from the island. They produce a heavy rain sothe islanders now will have vegetation!

Brook's lodgings and panties repayment

Chapters: 557-558

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Brook would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until he landed on an island in the Grand Line, Nakamura Island. Brook would fall right in a village called "Harahettania", a place called "the kingdom of poverty" as the people of this place are extremely poor. Brook would fall right in the middle of a ritual, where people would be trying to invoke a demon named "Satan". Confusing him with the demon, the tribe would begin to ask for espiritual help. Brook, completely confused, trying to figure out where he is, wonders how to return to the Sabaody Archipelago. People begged him not to go and if the ritual is not enough for him, they would be willing to make a sacrifice. Brook stare at a pretty girl who was also praying, and as always, asks her to show her panties, to which immediately, all the villagers offered to show him their underwear.

After a day of rest, Brook begin to explore the site and see that the country really is very poor, with virtually no vegetation. Then Brook would find out the reason for such poverty, the villagers are always prone to attack by pirates and robbers! Just then, bandits take the girl to which Brook had asked to show her panties, and immediately, the villagers asked Brook to curse them (that was the reason for summoning him). Brook decide to stay a little longer, helping the people of this place, throwing a curse to those who invade the place. Taking paper and a pen, Brook began to write a song, which will serve as a curse to the invaders. And as repayment, the villagers showed their underwear!

Zoro's search for where the hell are those pain in the ass

Chapters: 559-560

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
After being separated from the Straw Hats by the Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma, Zoro would be three days and three nights wandering aimlessly in the sky. Until he landed on an island in the Grand Line, Kuraigana Island. Here, Pellona (who was also sent by the Shichibukai) would complain about that, actually, despite that was a perfect place: cold, dark, near a gloomy castle where she could spend her whole life singing damned songs, but she had no servant!

Just then, someone she hears something falling from the sky. Pellona approaches to the place to see what it is... One of the Straw Hat Pirates! Pellona begins to make fun at Zoro, after see that he actually was defeated by Kuma. But his wounds were incredibly severe! Pellona taked Zoro to the castle, where she would treat his wounds. For several days, Pellona was responsible for his care and put bandages around him. In one morning, Zoro wakes with the Shichinukai words on his head, he would react waking up with a deafening scream that would wake Pellona. After having a discussion, Zoro starts to question the whereabouts of their swords, to which the girl replied that they have been seized.

After that, Zoro and Pellona began to explore the site, looking for a way out. Both encounter the ruins of a city that seems to have been devastated by a great battle. In this place they find a huge tomb, apparently belonged to a giant. Suddenly, a mysterious shadow approaches to attack the two, Zoro is prepared to defend himself...

From the deck of the world

Chapters: 613-668

Pirateking Mini Stories Pirateking
A group of News Coo fly around all the seas of the world spreading the newspaper that tells the big story of the moment, "the return of the Straw Hat crew after two years of inactivity".

The action moves to East Blue, where the adventure of the crew started. In Fushchia Village, Makino is holding a little baby while everyone celebrates Luffy's successes once again, except the mayor Woop Slap her, who doesn't seems to be very happy with the impact of this. In the outskirts, on Mount Colubo, the bandits of the Dadan Family have become some Luffy's fanatics, they all wear straw hats and collect newspaper clippings. In Shellstown, Rika and her mother are now waitresses of the Marine base, where all the officers enjoy their onigiri. In Shimotsuki, Koushirou has gone to honor the grave of his daughter Kuina with the newspaper announcing the Zoro's progress. In the Orange Village everyone were celebrating the inauguration of Chou Chou's great Pet Food Shop when Boodle read what happened in the newspaper. The news doesn't echoes to Gaimon, but now he has company, the woman trapped in a barrel, Sarfunkel. In Syrup Village the formed Usopp Pirates read the newspaper, while Kaya is absorbed by her medical studies ignoring the many pretenders after her. In the waters nearby Kokoyashi Village, Yosaku and Johnny are now Bounty's fishermen. Meanwhile, Zeff is reading the news in the Baratie while they're working on performing the expansion of the restaurant, Patty now handles Dessert Ship "Sister Ankou" while Carne does the same with the Teppanyaki Ship "Nasugasira". In Nami's hometown, the Kokoyashi Village, everyone have meet around Bell-mĂšre's grave to comment on the news, Genzo seems to be very concerned about Nami while Chabo now helps Nojiko with the crop of mandarins. The final destination for the East Blue is in Loguetown where Ippon Matsu has placed a photo of Zoro in his bathroom, for the displeasure of his mother.

The news, however, also arrives to the Grand Line. We start on the Twin Capes, where Crocus shares a cup of sake with a mysterious man. On Whisky Peak Miss Monday reads about the new on the newspaper, she now lives with Mr.9 and both have had a child. Some newspapers also fall on Little Garden, where Brogy and Dorry continue their eternal fight, now with their fists. Meanwhile, Wapol seems to have been very successful in his business and now with the protection of the World Nobles has founded the Black Drum Kingdom. In the renamed Sakura Kingdom, Dalton has formed a Peace Corps with the help of the Lapins to protect the country, while Kureha has formed the Isshi-100 Medical Center under a flag that reminds Hiruluk. In the now prosper city of Yuba, the current Minister of Environment Kohza read the news about the crew, while in the Royal Palace of Arabasta everyone is preparing for the Reverie. The Saruyama Alliance, inspired by Luffy's success, departed on their own Romance in search of "Narukowa", the illusory island. Ignoring what's happening on the Blue Sea, the rubberbands that Usopp exchanged in Skypiea are now a revolution that has led to the creation of a theme park, the Shandia warriors have become the current Holy Guard of the new God, Gan Fall, who used Upper Yard as a pumpkins plant. In Long Ring Long Land, Tonjit has finally reunited with his family and has found out that he has now two grandchildren. In the way to Water Seven, Chimney is now the new Shift Station's chief, replacing her grandmother who has taken a vacation to the sea bottom. Kiwi and Mozu now run Blueno's bar, where they have as customers the Rolling Pirates, with discussed with them the Franky's the rest of the crew's adventures. In the Galley-La Company, Iceberg has found a 10 years girl to replace Califa, while Pauly and the rest of the foremen have completed the new Umi Ressha, Puffing Tom. Franky Family now works for Galley-La, they are in Putchi, doing business with the mayor Bimine. Meanwhile ,Thriller Bark is now inhabited, but Pellona has returned seeking for Kumashi after helping Zoro to rejoin the crew. In the Sabaody Archipelago, the slave auction business has been ruined and Disco now is watching with desire for revenge at the rewards of those who ruined it. In Impel Down, Hannyabal finally achieved his dreamed wander position, while we can see on Magellan the consequences of his clash with Kurohige, but luckily he has now has the support of Sadie, who is in love with him. Bon Kure is still captive in the prison, but remains hidden in the LEVEL 5.5, as new queen of New Kama Land. Finally, in the Kamabakka Kingdom, Ivankov calmly reads in the news about the crew.

But there is still one last stop for news about the returning of the Straw Hat crew. In the New World, in front of the graves of Ace and Shirohige, someone left a copy of the newspaper and a bottle of sake next to three sakazuki cups.

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